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Thank you and Goodbye

Dear all,
Thank you for your interest in our blog over the past 12 weeks. U Takeover has now come to an end and this will be the last post on the blog.

For further information about U Takeover or similar schemes visit BBC blast’s website

And if you love Black music, you’ll love BBC 1xtra: New black music network. Available on DAB, cable, satellite and online.


Thank you and goodbye

Shazin and the Bristol Team!

5 years ago
Diversity Before The Fall!  UTakeover Love Diversity and Perry

Diversity Before The Fall! UTakeover Love Diversity and Perry

5 years ago

UTakeover: “It Aint Over Til Its Over”

If you missed UTakeover on sat 26th, SHAME ON YOU It was amazing. A day where 21 young people hit the air waves to takeover BBC1xtra. THANKS TO I PLAYER you can listen to any show from the day again! You can catch exclusive interviews with Tinchy Stryder, Kano and MOBO award winner Chipmonk aka Chip Diddy Chip! Plus tough questions put to Gordon Brown as well as tours of our cities; Bristol, Manchester and London! You have only 3 Days left so get your skates on. (I live skating I do, strickly old school)


Ps i’ll be uploading some wicked behind the scene pictures soon

5 years ago

It Aint Over ‘Til Its Over!

Lenny Kravitz
5 years ago
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Fliss at number 10

Fliss at number 10

10 Downing Street!!

Wensday was awesome! We got the train down to london to go to 10 downing street! I had the best day thanks to the taxi driver haha! Izzy asked him to take us on a short cut but he took us the long way! I managed to see everything i wanted to go to london for. I saw trafolgra square (how ever u spell it), Big Ben, the bit of london that looks like new york! and the list goes on. When we eventually got to 10 Downing street we watched Diversity dance which was amazing (looks better in real life than tely) and bless the lil man wiv big hair face planting the floor!. After we went in through number 11 but was still in number 10 (how strange!)we had a group picture with Gordi B! Then jus like mingled with everyone! Its was grate chattin with diversity seeing wat they wer up 2 next (MOBO’S) and how they got into dancing. We also went in2 the room where the politions sit and have meetings and a few got the chance 2 sit in Gordons chair!.Before i new it it was time 2 go so we managed 2 get a few pics of us outside the door. This day is up there with 1 of the best days of my life! so THANKS guys for arranging it for us! keep posted for the pics cumin up !!

5 years ago

Dirty Dancing!

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